M. Corey Whitted is a commercial photographer based in Los Angeles with over a decade of experience. As a native Angeleno, his influences are extracted from the urban landscape of South Los Angeles as well as his travels that have taken him across the globe to Yokohama, Japan. Corey’s creative drive altered a path originally paved towards medical school and instead, landed him in a foreign landscape taking hundreds of pictures and finding his true passion. Today, he enjoys the juxtaposition between using traditional mediums to capture modern visual concepts. Corey specializes in creating stimulating images that are infused with irony, personality and gritty sophistication. His diverse client list has included Smashbox Cosmetics, Under Armour, Head Sportswear, Google, Rolling Stone, Lowrider, Complex, Essence, Love Magazine, Ebony, Kate Somerville and Josie Marin Cosmetics. For more information email

All original images by MCW
"Angel Clouthier"
by MCW
  1. "Angel Clouthier"

    by MCW

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